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It is never too late
to be what you might have been.
–George Eliot

You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf.

At any moment you have the power to say:
This is not how the story is going to end.

Individual, Couples & Group Psychotherapy in San Diego

Stuck. Frustrated. Hopeless. These are lousy ways to feel, but sometimes we can’t control it. That is where we are. We don’t know how to get out of those feelings, but we know, we KNOW, something has to change.

We know that the current situation is unsustainable, even painful, but can’t seem to find the answers to who we are, what we need, what’s going on and why these things are happening. It’s at these times that psychotherapy is most valuable. Working with a good counselor can help us see things differently, understand issues and patterns that confound us. We can identify the sometimes subtle triggers and processes that leave us feeling stuck, frustrated and hopeless.

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As a counselor in San Diego…

I have helped clients understand themselves better, break out of their problematic patterns and live their lives in ways that better reflect the people they want to be. Most therapists with the appropriate level of clinical expertise can help clients confront their struggles. However, I work with my clients differently than many of my colleagues. While the clinical skills I bring into therapy are important, I place an equally high priority on my relationship with the client. Studies indicate one of the primary reasons for success in therapy is a strong connection between the therapist and client. For nearly a decade, my approach is client-centered, warm, supportive and empathic. While we begin to explore the client’s problems and obstacles, I also focus on establishing the safest possible environment.


My extensive work with clients who have suffered trauma and abuse has taught me that my first priority has to be safety.


Without a sense of safety and security, clients are unable to speak about their fears, anxieties, shame and grief. This, of course, is a huge impediment to their recovery. We can’t address what ails us if we don’t feel safe enough to speak about it. My clients benefit from a safe, trusting relationship that allows them to explore the things they fear to reveal to the rest of the world.

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